• 7 Timeless Linen Jumpsuits to Wear This Summer

    goldmaiz July 22, 2020

    Jumpsuits are my favorite article of clothing especially in the summer. I love that you’re able to just throw them on without having to overthink things like “Does this top look weird with this skirt?” or “Do these two fabrics go together?”. Jumpsuits just make life easy. You might be thinking that a jumpsuit is too hot for the summer. Well, think again. Jumpsuits tend to fit loosely and feature…

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  • Why Linen Clothing Should be Part of Your Summer Wardrobe

    goldmaiz July 20, 2020

    Linen is having a moment… a huge moment. When I open up my Instagram app, my feed is flooded with photos of beautiful bloggers wearing flowy linen clothing. From stylish jumpsuits to trendy puff sleeve dresses it feels like everyone is dressed in some type…

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